Saugatuck Shores

The southeastern most corner of Westport, Saugatuck Shores encompasses the many beach homes in and around Harbor Road, including many of Westport’s waterfront homes. Surf Road and Bermuda Road in particular have experienced a building boom in the last decade, when smaller 1970’s era beach homes were replaced with new shingle style homes, often with… Read More


Close to the beach and train, Saugatuck includes some of Westport’s most popular neighborhoods, including the Gault neighborhood which, due to its quiet streets and the proximity of the homes to one another, is widely known as the best trick or treating venue for Halloween. Many historic homes are located along Imperial Avenue and the… Read More


Stone walls and flowing streams line the country roads of Coleytown, where two acre zoning helps to maintain the rural aspect of the area. Stone pillars and driveway gates hint at vast estates as you drive along picturesque Coleytown Road or Lyons Plains Road in this northern most part of Westport. Offering the best of… Read More

Old Hill

One of Westport’s oldest neighborhoods, Old Hill is characterized by charming vintage homes, including antiques, colonials and stone homes built by noted architect Frazier Peters in the early 20th century. It is also home to the Kings Highway North Historic District, one of six historic districts in Westport. Old Hill Road lies at the heart… Read More

Compo Beach

Compo Beach The Compo Beach area is the crown jewel of Westport for many people, home to Compo Beach itself as well as Westport’s 169-acre shorefront park Longshore Club. Property here is at a premium, with homes on an acre along Bluewater Hill and Minute Man Hill among the priciest in town. The streets closest… Read More

Central Westport

Central Westport Central Westport is a lovely area, suburban in feel, where children ride their bikes and play on neighborhood streets. Close to town, shopping and the beach, Central Westport is as convenient as it sounds. With one-half to one acre zoning, Central Westport embodies a number of different settings, all characterized by a neighborhood… Read More

Hunt Club

The Hunt Club area is one of Westport’s most bucolic settings. Named for the Fairfield County Hunt Club, a private equestrian facility dating back to 1923, area residents are often treated to the site of riders heading to the riding trails extending east into Greenfield Hill. Generally characterized by one acre zoning, the area is… Read More

Greens Farms

The Greens Farms area includes some of the most beautiful estates in Westport. With two acre zoning and many authentic pre-war era colonials, Greens Farms can take you back to a quieter time. Open meadows, stone walls and white clapboard colonials with green shutters are all found in abundance, alongside some of the town’s most… Read More

Westport Beach & Country Homes

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